About Lakeview Pointe Playground and reviews


Designed for those who know what they want out of life, Lakeview Pointe Apartment Homes offers carefree living with personalized service.


Victor M.

I just moved in and im in love with my apartment, its beautiful, and has a decent pricing, the location is awesome as I am fifteen minutes from Downtown O, Winter Park, and everything else. Security is tight, and despite the bad reputation of Holden Heights I feel safe and sound

Chanceton B.

Please read please read! I put in my application and my deposit 6 weeks before moving in, I was coming from missouri and when I arrived 2014 21st at 3pm I was informed that my apartment wasn't ready and I would be forced to wait all after a 18 hour drive! So their idea was to put me in a model home with one bed for 2 nights, for three adults with no bed sheets, towels, toilet paper and no way to cook without compensation. After two days we moved in to a house that wasn't cleaned and several things broken. It took my mother in law 3 days to clean the entire apartment and took them about a month too repair the broken things. furthermore the kitchen sink was broke for five months even with the weekly call to the office to try to get it fixed. Fast forward to June my door gets busted in too with all my belongings stolen in the middle of the day! There repair consisted of fixing my door with liquid nals. So the next day went to the office to tell them we want the door fixed correctly and they promised me that would fix it. 8 days have passed without the door being fixed so I set appointment with the manger at 10am. After making me wait untill 1050 am she finally talked to us. Instead of being sincer and comfortmating after my place just got robbed she only wanted to argue with us in a very unprofessional manner. Finally I just said "I'm leaving this is worthless and your wasting my time. Her reply to me was" Good I want you to leave stupid @ass". Today I'm having a meeting with the regional manger. During my time here my apartment got broken into, my car broken into, and a package stolen off my front door step. *** I will be posting videos on u tube listed as lake view Pointe nightmare, were I recorded all conversations from the start to end and including police visits.

Gabe R.

Prices are reasonable. They have recently renovated most apartments and replaced the backyard fences. They have put a lot of work in to these apartments so far and many more improvements are on the way. They ladies in the office are so nice, and will do whatever they can to make sure your happy.

About Lakeview Pointe Playground and reviews